This year we have changed the application process to make it easier for your to complete.

First, you need to create your user account and pay the application fee of $35.00. The application fee is non-refundable. Becoming an RNFBC member, while much appreciated, does not count as your application fee.

Once you have created your account and paid, you will be able to log in as many times as you wish until you deem your application to be complete or until the application deadline. There is a field to mark your application as complete. Only applications marked as complete by the applicant will be reviewed.

It is expected that you review each award for which to wish to apply to ensure that you meet all application criteria before opening and paying for this account as the fee is non-refundable.

To start your application, you need to create an account and pay the fee. You will then return to edit your application.


**note: if you choose View Application you will not be able to Edit any fields. You need to choose Edit in order to work with the form.